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An expert researcher with access to best information and armed with the best tools can provide you the comprehensive research for your precious Intellectual Property.

Our experts can perform the most extensive research, being armed with best in class patent search tools with access to data from more than 100+ patent authorities, including 70+ million documents. Our researchers can perform the most extensive research than any other search provider. Our researchers can search either in the language in which the patent was originally published or in machine-translated English from German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish and Swedish. Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese patents can be searched in English. Our search tools provide the deepest archive of images, citations, legal status and patent family collections. The coverage for non-patent literature is even wider with access to specialized databases and search engines.

Our Information Technology team is constantly supporting the researchers with super-efficient in-house tools to get the best and efficient analysis, and maximize the value within your budget.


Our motto is to timely deliver the highest quality and cost effective services and work products. Every feedback from the clients is incorporated in the work process to ensure improvement in quality.

Our unique methodology of QuCCT (Highest Quality, Best Compliance, Lower Cost, Faster Turn Around time) guarantees huge reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for every project.